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Off to the Llama Races

MNH llama cart racing LEAD

I had a lot of fun covering the llama races in Abbotsford recently. Enjoy the pictures. Thanks for looking!

MNH llama cart racing SECONDMM1_9884 MNH llama cart racing 04 MM1_9914IMG_9975


Here are photos I’ve taken in the past few weeks. Thanks for looking!

MNH Berry Patch 011

MNH BBS Clinic LEADMNH Attempted Robbery LEAD1 MNH Bone Collector Lead 001MNH Berry Patch 008SPJ 0708 Riverfront rendezvous 018 CWS LifeCover - Babies  012 - second MNH 0627 SA 002 all area baseball 001 MNH Health Care Camp Second MNH Marshfield Sharks 001 Lead

A Few Weeks In

blogI started at the Marshfield News-Herald about three weeks ago and I’m just beginning to get to know the community, but from what I have seen, I think I’m going to like it. Without further ado, here are a selection of photos from my first few weeks on the job.



blog-21 IMG_0698blog-7blog-2

March Madness Indeed

WIAA Boys State Basketball

This weekend I was fortunate enough to shoot the WIAA Boys’ State Basketball tournament for the Green Bay Press-Gazette. It was a lot of fun watching these athletes compete at the state-wide level. While I was fortunate enough to see Pulaski win, I also had to see Oshkosh North and Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran lose. While shooting high school athletes, it’s never fun to take the losing photo. However, at this level when I’m shooting I’m thinking about the families that took the journey along with the athlete and am trying to memorialize the moment for them too. Not everybody gets to play at the Kohl Center and capturing that moment to be cut out and put on the fridge is one of the reasons I love being a photographer. So here are some of my photos from this weekend, thanks for looking!

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

WIAA Boys State Basketball

Also if I had a fan of the weekend award to give, I’d give it to this man from Randolph. What a costume!

WIAA Boys State Basketball

Snow Day!

Today was the third snow day of my college career. While it technically wasn’t a true snow day, I’m glad to see UW-Madison snow day traditions still took place, especially the Bascom Hill snow fight. The challenging part about covering the snow fight is that it feels like an actual fight between the Lakeshore and Southeast dorms. It can be especially challenging to make good frames while trying to duck and avoid snowballs, which I swear were made out of ice this year.




I think my favorite photo I took all day was when I was heading toward Bascom. I walked underneath the Chazen overpass and in between two of the walls that hold the building up was a bike courier waiting for the bus, trying to avoid the cold. It might not be the best frame, but this semester I’ve been trying to carry my camera around in hopes of finding little moments like these.


The Axe Game

One of my favorite games of the year is the Axe game. Watching the players react to the Axe is by far one of the best parts of the season. I was really excited to have the opportunity to cover it again this year. Here are my favorite photos. Thanks for looking!


Misfit Photos

This blog has veered over into major football territory and I wanted to share something that had nothing to do with the gridiron. These are photos I’ve taken since May that I really like, but don’t really know what to do with. If anything they were taken without a story or anything in mind. I like to think of them as “photo doodles.” Thanks for looking!

Packers Preseason

One of the great things that I was able to do with my internship for the Press-Gazette was cover the Green Bay Packers preseason. Here are some photos from both preseason games at Lambeau Field and training camp. After seeing all the nuts and bolts that go into deciding the team roster, I’m really looking forward to regular season play. Thanks for looking!

Covering High School Football

The combination of sweat, jersey, and teenage boy can only mean the distinct smell of the start of football season. When I have to cover a high school practice, that odor brings me back to the days where I managed my high school’s team and it make me nostalgic for Friday night football games. August has been busy with football coverage and here are my favorite photos from covering all the high school action (and a little bit of Division 2 college).